Di cosa si occupano gli economisti? 10 temi di attualità

Within the initiative  Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e l'Orientamento (PCTO), the Department of Economics organizes a course of 10 lessons, in which professors and researchers will introduce high-school students different themes and fields of application of economic research:

  • Political economy: elections, populism, and role of institutions
  • Innovation and globalisation in today’s world
  • Growth and development of a country
  • Inflation and hyperinflaction: a historical comparison between countries
  • The new network economy
  • Poverty and citizenship income?
  • Environmental impact and economic behaviour
  • Criminality and economy
  • Health economics: efficiency and quality of services
  • Tourist systems and socio-economic impact

It is no longer possible to apply for this year's edition.

For information on the next editions:

Introduzione all'Economia

Since 2014, the Department of Economics organizes a mini course of “Introduction to Economics” addressed to high-school students. The mini course consists of about ten lessons (from January to May) in which professors and researchers of the Department introduce students to the fundamentals of Economics, with a particular focus on current topics.

The 11 video lessons of the 2021 edition of the course are available on the YouTube channel of the Department of Economics.