Research laboratories


The "Bologna Laboratory for Experiments in Social Science" (BLESS) studies the economic behavior of students, workers, and any other type of population in controlled situations. It was officially opened in June 2010 and it supports the research activities of the STRANGERS team and other researchers in the Department.  BLESS Lab is also linked to another experimental laboratory hosted by the University of Bologna, the Laboratory of Experimental Economics (LES), based in Forlì.

BLESS can accommodate up to 32 participants in individual desks, shielded on the sides to avoid eye contact. It has three innovative technological features:

  1. Mobile Lab: the entire laboratory, with a wi-fi connection, can be easily relocated to run experiments in different places.
  2. Touch screen Laptop: BLESS is the first and only experimental laboratory in Italy with this kind of technological devices.
  3. High-Reliability Multihomed Network: BLESS Internet connection has both a very fast Gigabit network and a backup wi-fi network that makes the overall connectivity fast and reliable.