Research projects

National Projects - PRIN 2017

The Economics of Culture: Ethnicity, Gender, and their Interactions
Scientific director: Giorgio Bellettini

At the Roots of Child Development: On the Role of Parental Beliefs, Preferences and Engagement
Scientific director: Maria Bigoni

The impact of the diffusion of algorithms on prices in online marketplaces: Efficiency or Collusion?
Scientific director: Emilio Calvano

Experimenting with climate change: a behavioral approach to foster cooperation
Scientific director: Marco Casari

Hi-Di NET Econometric Analysis of High Dimensional Models with Network Structures in Macroeconomics and Finance
Scientific director: Giuseppe Cavaliere

Information and conditional contracts in vertical relationships: theory and competition policy
Scientific director: Vincenzo Denicolò

Religious and Racial Discrimination Attitudes: Evidence from a Contemporary and a Historical context
Scientific director: Paolo Masella

New Protectionist Policies: Political Determinants and Economic Consequences
Scientific director: Alireza Naghavi

National Projects - PRIN 2015

The Legacy of Institutions for Long Term Development
Scientific director: Matteo Cervellati

The Architecture of Markets and Institutions after the Crisis: Theoretical Foundations and Policy Implications
Scientific director: Antonio Minniti

Prison Labor and Recidivism
Scientific director: Giulio Zanella

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