Research Seminars

Weekly seminars held by established and emerging scholars from around the world, invited to present their research and discuss ideas with faculty members and PhD students.

When:  Tuesday on line via Teams. Calendar here.

Contacts: Margherita FortMassimiliano OnoratoAlessandro Tavoni (seminars 2021-2022)

Internal Seminars

Reserved to departmental and visiting faculty, researchers, co-authors, and PhD students to present advanced research. The setting is slightly less formal than Research Seminars.

When: Wednesday on line via Teams. Calendar here.

Contacts: Elias Carroni and Sara Lazzaroni

WIP Seminar

Informal meetings (30-60 minutes) where DSE PhD students, but also faculty members, can present work-in-progress (ideas, embryonic research projects, innovative data, new methods, etc). Presenters are responsible for the invitation of the audience.

When: Thursday on line via Teams. Booking and calendar here.

Contact: Vincenzo Scrutinio

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