Research Seminars 2022

14/06/2022 - Anna Missiaia: “From global to local: trade exposure and regional growth in Italy during the First Globalization”

07/06/2022 - Rick van der Ploeg (Oxford University): "On Current and Future Carbon Prices"

31/05/2022 - Karine Nyborg (University of Oslo): “Humans in the Perfectly Competitive Economy: Formal and Informal Narratives”

24/05/2022 - Research Seminar: Christopher Paik (New York University Abu Dhabi): "Old World Trade Diasporas" (with L. Blaydes)

17/05/2022 - Armon Rezai: "Robust climate policies for Earth system uncertainty"

10/05/2022 - Geert Mesters (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): "Robust Inference for Non-Gaussian Linear Simultaneous Equations Models" , joint with Adam Lee

28/04/2022 - Dennis Kristensen (University College London): "Fast estimation of dynamic structural models with fixed effects"

26/04/2022 - Bertil Tungodden (Norwegian School of Economics - NHH): "Fairness and Limited Information: Are people Bayesian Meritocrats?"

12/04/2022 -Erika Deserranno (Northwestern University): "Financial Incentives in Multi-layered Organizations:An Experiment in the Public Sector"

05/04/2022 -Daniel Sturm (London School of Economics): "How Useful are Quantitative Urban Models for Cities in Developing Countries? Evidence from Dhaka" (with K. Takeda and A. J. Venables)

22/03/2022 Andreas Lange (Hamburg University): "Bargaining with charitable promises: True preferences and strategic behavior"

15/03/2022 Joshua C. Teitelbaum (Georgetown University): "Computational Complexity and Tort Deterrence"

08/03/2022 - Klaus Prettner:"Do you know your biases? A Monte Carlo analysis of dynamic panel data estimators"

01/03/2022 - Caterina Calsamiglia (Barcelona IPEG): "The design of university entrance exams and its implications for gender gaps"