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In order to submit the publication of a Working Paper in the series "Quaderni - Working Paper DSE", please send the pdf file to the editor Paolo Luciano Adalberto Manasse always copying Vanni Montani (contact person for the library). Researchers wishing to publish their work should include a one-page non-technical summary before the introduction (see attached box for the full regulation).

Quaderni - Working Paper DSE

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This paper examines the impact of the 2014 Italian divorce law on help-seeking behavior of domestic violence victims and femicides. I find that...


We propose a new model of mixed oligopoly where a workers’ cooperative firms competes with a number of profit maximising companies. Building upon a...


Angelini, Giovanni; Fanelli, Luca; Neri, Luca

Invalid proxies and volatility changes

When in proxy-SVARs the covariance matrix of VAR disturbances is subject to exogenous, permanent, nonrecurring breaks that generate target impulse...


We study the impact of a personalized mentoring program on university enrollment choices and academic outcomes. Conducting a randomized controlled...