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Wunsch, Guillaume; Russo, Federica; Mouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo

Time and Causality in the Social Sciences

This article deals with the role of time in causal models in the social sciences, in particular in structural causal modeling, in contrast to...

Tavoni, Alessandro; Winkler, Ralph

Domestic Pressure and International Climate Cooperation

In the wake of 25 UN Climate Change Conferences of the Parties (and counting), international cooperation on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions to...

The socioeconomic impact of spatial concentration has been receiving an increasing attention during the last two decades. Consequently, the necessity...

Manasse, Paolo; Minerva, G. Alfredo; Patuelli, Roberto; Zirulia, Lorenzo

How to Lockdown an Economy: an Input Output Analysis of the Italian Case

This paper employs the most recent Input Output tables to discuss the Italian lockdown after the COVID-19 epidemics. We define “basic activities” and...

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