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In order to submit the publication of a Working Paper in the series "Quaderni - Working Paper DSE", please send the pdf file to the editor Paolo Luciano Adalberto Manasse always copying Vanni Montani (contact person for the library). Researchers wishing to publish their work should include a one-page non-technical summary before the introduction (see attached box for the full regulation).

Quaderni - Working Paper DSE

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Although women often outperform men in school and college, they still face higher unemployment rates and lower wages when employed. Are prospective...


Costa, Michele; Delbono, Flavio; Linguiti, Francesco

The performance of cooperative Vs capitalistic micro firms in the pandemic

We present a statistical analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Italian micro enterprises. Within the period we are examining...


Some harm reduction strategies encourage individuals to switch from a harmful addictive good to a less harmful addictive good. This approach is...


Turnover is a key indicator of economic activity, but we know little about how much entrepreneurs adjust it as a response to taxation. This is...