7 Sep 2017 9 Sep 2017

3rd ASREC Europe Conference

Department of Economics, Third Floor - Piazza Scaravilli 2, Bologna

7 Sep 2017

Research seminar - Innovation and Trade Policy in a Globalized World - Giammario Impullitti (University of Nottingham)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

17 Jul 2017

Free movie event: Madoff, Raymond De Felitta's mini series

Aula Magna, School of Economics, Management and Statistics, Piazza Scaravilli 2, Bologna

A financial education event for the students of Unibo's Schools and Campuses.

5 Jul 2017 6 Jul 2017

First year PhD Forum

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

26 Jun 2017 30 Jun 2017

Social Innovation Community Summer School – SUMSIC 2017

21 Jun 2017 23 Jun 2017

6th IATE Conference 2017

Rimini Campus

The IATE - International Association for Tourism Economics is the leading independent global community for the discussion, exchange and development of knowledge in the field of tourism economics.

22 Jun 2017

Research seminar - Cognitive Reflection Predicts Decision Quality in Individual and Strategic Decisions - David Porter (Chapman University)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

21 Jun 2017

Internal seminar - Parameters’ heterogeneity, cross-sectional dependence and uncertainty: reassessing fiscal reaction functions for the Euro area - Irene Mammi

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

20 Jun 2017

Research seminar - Who Benefits From Productivity Growth? The Local and Aggregate Impacts of Local TFP Shocks on Wages, Rents, and Inequality - Enrico Moretti (University of California, Berkeley)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

16 Jun 2017 17 Jun 2017

The 14th workshop on social economy for young economists

School of Economics, Management and Statistics - Forlì Campus - P.le della Vittoria, 15

14 Jun 2017

Internal seminar - Rational addiction and the effect of price on consumption: theoretical insights for the empirical analysis - Davide Dragone

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

13 Jun 2017

Research seminar - Goals and Gaps: The Educational Careers of Immigrant Children - Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi University)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

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