EuHEA Seminar - Daniel Wiesen (Unversity of Cologne)

Title: “The formation of physician altruism”

  • Date: 20 October 2021 from 14:30 to 15:30

  • Event location: On-line (Zoom)

Daniel Wiesen
Daniel Wiesen


This paper studies how patient-regarding altruism is affected by medical education. We present structural estimates on experimental data from a large sample of German medical students (N=733) varying in their study progresses. The estimates reveal substantial heterogeneity in altruistic preferences across study cohorts. Patient-regarding altruism is highest for freshmen, significantly declines for students in the pre-clinical and clinical study phase, and tends to increase for practical-year students, who assist in clinical practice. Across individuals, patient-regarding altruism is higher for females and increases in general altruism. Altruistic subjects have lower income expectations and are more likely to choose surgery and pediatrics as their preferred specialty.

Speaker: Daniel Wiesen (Unversity of Cologne)

Discussant: Jing Li (Cornell University)

Chair: Francesca Barigozzi (University of Bologna)

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