Delegate for Communication and Newsletter Coordinators

The Delegate for Communication, Paolo Vanin, looks after the offical webpage, social media and the newsletter (both bimonthly and yearly). The Newsletter Coordinators (Natalia Montinari, Alireza Jay Naghavi, Roberto Patuelli, and Rossella Verzulli) manage the collection, organization, and drafting of the Department newsletters.

Internal and external seminar Coordinators

They organize the seminars of the department both internal and external, as well as special lectures organized by the Department: Stefania BortolottiNiko Samuli JaakkolaGiovanni AngeliniMaria Arvaniti e Pietro BiroliVincenzo Scrutinio.

Didactic Commission

The role of the Didactic Commission is to assist the Director with regards to the proper functioning and coordination of teaching. The commission is chaired by the Delegate for Teaching and Education,  Chiara Monfardini. The Directors of the Department degrees (first, second, and third cycles) and the Directors of Organisational Units Luca Fanelli e Matteo Lippi Bruni participate in its meetings. In relation to issues of interest to the student component, representatives of the students in the Department Council can be invited to the specific sessions. 

Research Commission

The Research Commission carries out preliminary and proposal tasks to the Departmental Bodies regarding research evaluation. The commission is chaired by the  Delegate for Research Paolo MasellaPatrizia BattilaniCarlotta Berti CeroniMarco CasariGiuseppe CavaliereVincenzo DenicolòGiulio FellaGianluca FiorentiniLuigi FranzoniAndrea Mattozzi (Director of the PhD programme in Economics) participate in its meetings.

Project of Excellence

The Coordinator of the Excellence Project is Maria Bigoni.

Faculty-student Joint Committee of the School of Economics and Management

The Joint Committee has the task of monitoring, with specific evaluation indicators, the training offer, the quality of teaching and student service activities; formulates opinions on the institution, activation, modification and suppression of the training offer; may make proposals to the Department Council on matters relating to teaching and the allocation of financial resources. The Commission draws up an annual report and has other tasks set out in the University reference regulations.