Eventi conclusi

21 dic 2017 22 dic 2017


Department of Economics - University of Bologna

19 dic 2017

Research seminar - The Impacts of a Behavioral Program for Disruptive Students: Effects on Eligible and Ineligible Students - Clement De Chaisemartin (University Of California, Santa Barbara)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

13 dic 2017

Research seminar - Consumers' Costly Responses to Product-Harm Crises - Helena Perrone (University of Pompeu Fabra)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

12 dic 2017

Research seminar - Is Soft News a Turn-Off? Evidence from Italian TV News Viewership - Riccardo Puglisi (University of Pavia)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

7 dic 2017

Research seminar - Preference Externalities and the Rise of China: Measuring their Impact on Consumers and Producers in Global Film Markets - Joel Waldfogel (University Of Minnesota)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

6 dic 2017

Internal seminar - Cognitive abilities and preferences: Survey and experimental evidence from a developing country - Hartmut Lehmann

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

5 dic 2017

Research seminar - Losing My Connection: The Dark Side of Bank-Firm Interlocking Directorates - Guglielmo Barone (Banca D'italia)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

28 nov 2017

Research seminar - Need to Know? On the Design of Information Systems in Firms - Josse Delfgaauw (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

22 nov 2017

Internal seminar - The Dynamics of Online Hotel Prices and the EU Booking.Com Case - Andrea Mantovani

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

21 nov 2017

RESD seminar - The Modern Environmental Macroeconomics - George Economides (AUEB Athens University)

Room Agherà 2, via Angherà 22, Rimini Campus

21 nov 2017

Research seminar - Uncertainty-driven Time-varying Comovements - Giovanni Pellegrino (University of Melbourne)

Seminar Room (Piazza Scaravilli 2)

16 nov 2017

RESD seminar - Tipping Points and Economics - Aart De Zeeuw (Tilburg University)

Room Alberti 2, Piazzetta Teatini 13, Rimini Campus