WiP Seminar: Yuki Takahashi

Title: "Corrections and Partner Selections in Group Work"

  • Data: 15 giugno 2021 dalle 15:00 alle 16:00

  • Luogo: Microsoft Teams


Collecting colleagues could improve group efficiency. However, it may make them emotionally irritated and reduce the chance to be selected into teamwork. This paper studies how being corrected by others in a group affects one's probability of selecting that person as a partner in later works in a quasi-laboratory experimental setting. I find that the main determinant of partner selection is a given person's contribution to the task. However, after controlling for the contribution, people are significantly less likely to select a person who has corrected their actions. Women do not like being corrected both for their mistakes and for their right actions, while men mostly do not like being corrected for their mistakes. High-ability men especially do not like to be corrected for their mistakes, suggesting that their emotional irritation is driving their negative reactions. The gender of the person who made corrections does not matter. I argue that these findings have implications for organizational efficiency, conflict, and gender differences in group work.